Things are important as the way it is because we gave the meaning to it.

Otherwise, tomorrow will be just another day.

Meaning is everything for us human. We love our lives as an autonomous that provide meanings to everything automatically, always.

Languages are the key to those meanings. And because it is our mean of communication, we are all immersed into the world with meanings. We are happy and sad because of the way we interpret the meaning of everything and anything.

It will be impossible to stop this meaning-making machine inside our brain. But it also important that we ‘know’ that the machine is there, functioning. Once we realise that it is just this machine that make us happy or sad, we can do more, finding our possibilities for ourselves, beyond lives inherit the the world of meaning-making. The possibilities will, then, be endless.

Let your new year’s day be of endless possibilities by seeing a meaning of the day as a making you established. There is something significant about it and nothing significant about it at the same time.

The day will then be meaningful, as you have always wanted it to be.

And we shall meet on the other side, the day after.

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