Social Gravity

We should thank you to everyone who brought you to this point of life, up or down.

Not that everyone cares about you. Your life is non of their interest. They all did it all for their own’s sake. And that is natural way of thing.

I call this one aspect of Social Gravity.

Like gravitational force, it was not subjective. It is not about ‘you’ in particular. It is just happen, naturally, and you just happened to be in the path of it.

Most people will bring you down, especially those who acts like they have been very nice to you. Only 10% of those might be authentic. But, for the most part of it, those sweet talks have happened for reasons, none of which are about you.

They will promise things to you that they don’t care in delivering. And yet they still get paid. You will be the one who sleep in the great depth of crisis while they live such a happy life. Don’t blame it to them. This is a Social Gravity. A force that pull you down. Look around you and your life. Always there is a force to pull you down everywhere. It is gravitational.

Even though every lives on earth are grounded by the gravity, we still manage our fly across continents or air our selves into space. Social Gravity was meant to pull you down but it does not means you have to always stay on the ground. Be a jet plane, be a rocket, be flying. Social Gravity was not meant to bring you down but it was meant for you to understand what is worth fighting for.

Remember, this is not about you. So never take it all that happens personally, subjectively. Social Gravity is mandatory everywhere.

Make use of that pull.

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