Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is not about thinking differently.

Whoever told you that is perhaps not a very creative person.

Think differently means you are still living in the notion of the past, simply because you are obligated to think ‘different’ from something, which is what already happened.  So you can’t be truly free from the past. Then, how you can have a clear picture of the future?

Creative thinking is about knowing where you are or who you are, but never trying to reconstruct change. Creative thinking is not about change but simply about doing some new things. If you are trying to change something, you will have to find what’s wrong with it. And if there was nothing wrong with it, you will keep on finding the wrong things in order to rationalise the change. So what will happen to you during the process?

You will be filled up with the ‘wrong’ things.

How you can create anything out of the ‘wrong things’? The piece of paper in front of you will be filled up with a list of ‘not to do’. Every single square inches of that paper will filled up with those lists. So how can you draw a new thing on that piece of paper? There is no space left.

Think differently means you have lesser power to something that is larger than you. And you are obligated to challenge that larger thing and conquer. Well, it will work well for a while.  But once you are greater than those big thing you tried to challenge by being different, then what’s next. You are already there and no one to fight with. If you base your creativity on thinking differently. Now, who you want to be different from. ‘Think different’ is not a strategic for people who are already good.

Creative thinking is about forwarding possibilities. You show them what is possible and no reason why. Once you give them the reason, there is no freedom of choice. And thus, they are not free. Once they are not free, there will be no thinking forward.  And because of that, they will not appreciate you for the new thing you offer. But you have to always based you thought on something: now. You have to base you thought on present. Because that is all creative thinking is all about. Present and Possibilities.

You can always find  a reason not to do it. It is much easier to tell anyone not to do new things. Why? because reason always created out of what already happened. Reason always a rational to the notion of the past. So, when you make a decision to any creative works by using rational judgement, it will never work. You have already killed the possibility for the new possibilities. You can never make a decision out of something you don’t understand or you can’t refer it to your past. And that will make your decision so limited .

The only way to make the judgement on creatives thinking is you freedom of choice over it.  You choose chocolate because you chose chocolate, not because you like it.

(Still writing)

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