The Different Engine

I was having a conversation with my design team yesterday on architecture, which is quite rare indeed.  And the subject is to prove that the psychological agenda of all commercial design lies within the idea of sexuality.

Take a restaurant, for example. A meal with a family or a children would depend more to a purpose of the food, rather than how good the restaurant were designed. But once such a demand for good design is required, the place will be more than a food purpose. It will be an experience: A place to meet with other people, possibly a date. One would normally need the extension of one’s body to embrace the sexuality target, in respect to the point of intimate relationship. A drive to naturally reproduction. A successful design is, thus, need to represent the customers in characteristic to become the extension to their body, with a purpose to mate. The more understanding of the designer to such sexuality drive force, then the more successful the design could ever become, commercially.
Other type of project could base itself on other type of force. But for those that required a commercial kind of energy, an ability of the project to arouse sexual relationship has always been the key.
And the hidden structure behind sexuality is all about proportion.
Any sexual subject always constructed out of the notion of proportion. An appeal of a woman in sexuality will be first judged by her proportion. The body or the face with certain proportion always called sexy. So the right proportion can trigger the sexual force.  When it come to a design work, those that were brought out with certain proportion that related to a local or observer proportion context will be called sexy. And it will eventually become a commercial success.
It is quite provocative to accept that all commercial value of design objects has to rely on how much it will turn you on in your subconscious. But, it will also be unfortunate not to accept the certain chance of its potential and possibility. Once the designer can master this knowledge in practice, the impact to his or her designer might be delivered on a different engine.

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