Whole Life of Integrity

There is an old Chinese woman making wonton soup in the airport lounge.

She has a very good system here. It might be someone else invented for her. But it is very interesting anyway.

Her soup has four possibilities: fish ball, wonton, rice noodle and egg noodles. So she would hand you a piece of paper with four choices for you to tick. I was thinking of trying to play with her like ticking both rice noodle and egg noodle in the same bowl. But, of cause, I was too kind for that. Just want to see only her response. Then, you give her the paper, and she will give you the number to be called. And then you can wait for your soup.

That is what I like about Hong Kong. They always invent a system in everything, in anything: big or small. It might have to do with the British colonisation of the city. So, there is always a methodology to tell people to do a repetitive simple job with less mistake. I’m sure this old lady would always deliver her soup to the right person and the right sequences of order.

On the extended thought, she might not have to do anything else in the rest of her carrier except preparing bowls of wonton soup. I bet she is making each bowl of wonton soup with pride. She must take a good care of the soup temperature: not to hot or not too cold, choose a right noodle and makes a very fresh dumplings. It took me 10 minutes to finish the bowl. But it might be her whole life of integrity.

I must have been waiting at this airport for too long…

Location:Hong Kong International Airport business lounge

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