Great ideas from Design Hotel TM Future Forum in Berlin 11.06.10

Trend Brief by Chris Sanderson & Martin Raymond/ The Future Laboratory, London

Only when things in our mind grow, you would become alive. When you print yourself in the situation you have to improvise, your brain grow unexpected. We are learning as the brain grow. The brain grow when we print ourselves into a new experience, unexpected.

Niche is mass. Culture is commercial

We are living in a Tumulus decade, Second decade of 21st century. Just like a teenager with mood swing. Self-expression is the new entertainment. 1910 is the beginning of great changes: First World War. Now we are 100 years after that great change and still changing. We are in our turbulence teen and this following decade is about change. Teen are insecure time: mood swing: world is so cruel to you and all of sudden you are in love! Everything is changing in this decade: climate change, political power change and economic change. This decade is about challenging and not compromise. Compromise is for 90’s. 2010’s is about challenges, problematic, optimistic and imaginative.

In 2011, world will enter global oil crisis: The oil crunch. This autumn of 2010 will be a nasty old autumn and the price of oil will rise. If this persist, we will arrive to the point that no one can afford the price of transportation. We already have 96 banking crisis and 176 monastery crisis since 1970. Thing abnormal become normal. So we have to learn to live with this roller coaster of economy. It will never go away.

We will live forever in debt hole. Young people lives on their credit and old ones lives on their reserved. The nation would be stabilised until the debt of the credit exceed the reserved fund. Middle class revolution is likely and there could be the intergeneration war. “We are not paying our pension for the crisis!” This will also bought us to the Fat Man theory. Middle Class population will double it’s size in this next decade.

But turbulence also means opportunity.

New kind of leadership for organisation will emerge. The leadership will be more to a collaboration and “centre of a circle”, rather than ” king of the mountain”.

Considered Consumption will be a main stream. Not everything has to be organic. For example, organic cotton required too much resource to produce and does not necessary become ecological. And China will be number one in hydrogen fuel car in this next decade.

By 2040, 75% of world population will be urbanites. We will live in large and small cities, which casting over only 3% of land on earth. We should have this Pro-Urban Mindset since it is good for the environment. The city’s Liveable Index should eventually replace it’s business index.

We should engage more to local. It could become more profitable. Think about local stories in your neighbourhood and sell it as personal as possible. Personal local food, for example.

Good city may also define by good Cafe Latte, called Latte Factor. The coffee defining factor of trustworthy (63%), authentic (32%), Ethical (24%)

Rurban ideal. The new era of farming will be an urban farming. Think about the cost we could possibly save from a high cost transportation.

The Social Cooperation is a new way to do business. The new world of business is no longer about competition but more to a cooperation. It would be the decade of Anarconomy. People will turn away from conventional consuming society as we know it. One brand will make room for other brands. Business inherit business offer creativity. Anyone nowadays can start their own manufacturing easily. Each individual could possibly have their own business. So the business trend must be inclusive, sociability, serendipity and collaborative.

Leanomics: A new economics is about efficiency – not necessary about profit.

The attention economy: Want them to look at you? You may have to look at them first. No longer that you should produce website or retail and waiting for the client. You have to look at your clients. Know them. Understand them.

Work/ Life imbalance can be a new social illness. Email apnea is getting more common. Try turning off the Internet in the office for one day and everyone will get panic.

You don’t question oxygen. You just breath.

Cognitive simplicity. Too much choices. We must have the capacity to edit our offer and ask what you can take off. Nega-chioce will be a new trend.

Emotional profit will eventually taken into business account. If you look and feel it, it will be.

Leaner is a must for new business. Shed the excess and mussel up. Otherwise, you won’t survive the decade.

Collaborative thinking and fractional working. You have to eventually dine with stranger sometimes. There will be no compete to collaboration.

Is it nice to spend time in your own city? If it is not, nobody else does.

Augmented retail. This is going to be a mainstream. Thinking about shopping in retail store and you can also check additional information of product in your phone in realtime. Shopping coupon of the shelf from you mobile phone. Also: social media retailing. the future of retail is not about the negotiation of space but the inherit of space. Think about one popular post of a blog. Your comment will go down in three minutes. Proximity marketing: thinking about you already know that there is your client in the same room. You wouldn’t miss an opportunity to sell. Such apps like Foursquare and Grinder is showing a way of those possibility at present. The ideal of retail for shopping will change to learning. Everyone can always buy online.

The highest gross sale of an Apple Store is the shop with more square metre devoted to non-saleable area. Store is where they come and paying for story. If they just want to buy, in the next decade, they can just do it on their mobile.


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