A Letter To Mr. DELL

My office is on a plan to buy 30 personal computers to overhaul the obsoleted iMacs that run on Intel chips. CAD industry never embrace Mac OS kindly.

I called DELL in Thailand to find a proper solution for my business. Why DELL? Because it was my first PC I bought while I studied in UK. They were so kind and gentle at that time, selling Workstation PC to the student at the fair price. So I want to return their favour. But DELL in Thailand has been lazy and slow in marketing inspirations. Still, I wanted to give them a chance, just like to what I receive from the company more less 20 years ago.

Of course, we do not want to pay for 30 PC all at once. My staff call DELL to find a solution. Unfortunately, DELL in Thailand has become less than a help. They pass on my request to a smaller financial institute who might be able to provide me a lease contract for 30 machines. And what I got back was a decline.

So it is the end of the line. No further help or follow up from DELL.

I was disappointed. And in desperation, I called few local computer technical team that our company has been in associated with on network consultations. He laughed and said this is simple. His advice was to buy two or three terminal every month for a year. This will equal to the lease payment term and my company shall build a new line of new terminals easily without and need for a proof of financial viability. And the change will start now.


Unfortunately, this solution did not come from DELL, my old friend who used to be fluid and accommodating. And I was sorry that we could not buy from DELL because they are not the one who came up with such a simple-out of the box solution. A pain to a large company that has grown too big for too long. You will fill the company with such a inert gas.

Read in The Economist today that the global shipments of DELL just fell by -30 percent in the first quarter of 2023. Surely my contract is among the -30 figure.

Goodbye old friend. Hope this is a good Bangkok wake up call to you, Mr. DELL. Still love you, though.

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  • Dear Sir,

    President of Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) at DELlL Technologies region – Peter Marrs may give you the best answer and support you need.

    Take it easy. !!

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