And if there were no path, we shall pave one.

It has been years for generations of real Thai people, who believe in the people’s free will, fights for their freedom from military regime.

45 years to be precise.

Surprisingly, the dictatorship prevailed. Part of it because the coward ‘politically-correctness’ has been structured deeply in Thai society domain. Before a certain time in the history, most of us were slaves of some kind. And the form of slavery exists among us, still.

We are still slaves to a divine that does not exist. We are slaves to our own ideology.

We unfortunately, blindly, believe in a guided society by a certain form of supreme being. As a slave, one would be overwhelmed by the fabricated fact that he or she is less valued that those body of divine beings. Those slaves will never believe in human rights or equality of people in the country. They have been, and always will, believe, blindly, that people are meant to be led by the ‘right’ people and those who against that ideology are the ‘wrong’ side of the society. And those ‘wrong’ side are meant to be exiled.

Until now we most of the free will domain are still branded as a ‘wrong’ side by the elites’ slaves. 45 years on and we still have to fight for the freedom. Not easy but we shall be fighting.

To all the real Thai, who are meant to be disciplinary free or ‘Thai’, it is now the time that we look at the path that may lie before us.

And if there were no path, we shall pave one.

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