A Discussion On Legacy

Even though you live in the privilege, it does not necessary mean you live with the privilege.

Even if you are living with the privilege, that still does not make you live in the legacy.

Living in the legacy also did not make you a legacy yourself. A legacy is not about you. Your legacy will only exists , not in you, but in the generations that come in follow. You as a legacy only exist in the people around you and not you.

When you are a legacy, you can transcend that legacy through generations. The capacity of transcendence is a mandatory to a legacy. Without it, you are no legacy.

If you can make people around you and behind you as great as you. They will be legends and then you will be a legacy.

Only your life lives as a legacy that you will have the privilege. Privilege is not given, only to be earned. Once you earn that privilege, then you are living with privilege, and in that privilege.

Making a difference in people’s life is a transcendence wealth that will make you live in, and with, the privilege of your legacy. It has never been about you. It has always been about somebody else and not you. Your identity and your righteous does not prove you have neither a privilege nor a legacy.

Only way to define who you are is how you exist in the people around you. If they are great, then you are great.

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