Ignore All But What That Matters

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Future Trends 2017 by The Future Laboratory / Design Hotels Arena 2017

Distraction / Focus Filter / Attention Economy

Distraction produces results; Disruption does not. We are now living in The Age of Distraction. When we work and switch from on action to another, we lost 40% of productivity. In the first quarter of 2016, teenagers in North America spend 10 hours and 39 minutes of their lives everyday on the screen, consuming medias. Distraction is everywhere. Brands and products will do everything to get customer attention. We are living in the overwhelming world of distraction everywhere. In the last two hundred years, economy has been evolving around the wealth of land, labour and knowledge.  Now we are living in the age of Attention Economy.  It is no longer about having more knowledge or information.  It is now more about ability to filter them in order to get the attention.

We have to start filtering out the noise to concentrate on the signal.  We need the Focus Filter strategy to eliminate all the noises. That is when the moment of life will hit our face and we get attention from our customer.  The Focus Future Strategy includes Deep Focus, Glance Design, Silence Sell, Focus Targeting and Streamlined Solution. 

People are tend to demand for Distraction Antidote.  They will need something to give them more focus so they can be more productive.  Anything that will help them focus, get rid of the noise, streamlined the information, design that could be recognized at a glance and a product with a focus target will be a trend of things to come.

The Age of Re-Engagement / The Hollow Middle / Post Truth Culture / Affirmative Fraction / Community Driven Over Profit Driven / Social Currency

We are now living in the Post Truth Culture. We are not making our choice because it is true. We make our choices because we love the lies.  We also make choices because we want to be heard.  The middle group of the society has been left out from the social conversation and become The Hollow Middle.  They decline trust in the society and no longer believe the system is working for them.  Business is to become more trusted than the government. And that is why The Age of Re-Engagement is a critical conversation of the marketing future.

We need to re-engage our society and value the brand and product as Community Driven Over Profit Driven. That is how we can Cultivate Attention Deficit. We will re-engage urbanized people as they are already Dislocated Citizen.  Every one is lonely at some point as an urbanist.  The new wealth we create by re-engage the society become our asset of Social Currency.

In the future, our product and service cost may vary according to the customer income.  The person who have less should pay less while those who have more should play more. This is the idea of Affirmative Fraction.  It may sound strange but think about it again carefully.  Think about the apps that generate the fraction by their income and distribute price among each of the fraction according to their capacity to pay.  This should always lead to more effective way of sale.

Transcendent Wealth / Legacy As A New Measure Of Wealth / Young and Conscientious / Virtual Spending And Visibility Of Wealth / New Travel Attitude / The Transforming Economy

The wealth is no longer transfer to the next generation in cash or land.  The real wealth of the future is  intangible. Think about the Social Currency.  Thus, the Transcendent Wealth will be transcend to the next generation in Legacy As A New Measure Of Wealth.  The Young and Conscientious are wealthier and younger as generation pass on.  All their spending in the future will be virtual.  In that Virtual Spending, the Visibility Of Wealth is then become mandatory.  It will establish their existence. Experience will become their new Luxury.  They will travel with a purpose. They will focus on more than ever and that will became their New Travel Attitude.

The economy for them will be about how they can transform themselves. It will be about being a better them.  And that will all exist in the domain of The Transforming Economy.

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