Don’t think too much. You will fail anyhow.

Don’t think too much. You will fail anyhow.

And when you think you will not fail, you will fail again. Because failure always exists anyhow, despite of any hope to success.Failure is a real painful thing. It will only be a concept if you never went through it. People will ignore you, and things always get worse. No one accept failure, no matter what, because it does not make them look good. And failure only look good when it became a success. 

No one talk about failure when it fails. They talk about failure when it has already gone. So, at the time of your deepest failure, expect total loneliness. And that is when you will discover some few good friends.

Failure is a great opportunity to forward your life with few good friends. And I always fulfilled by those few that will walk with me to the next plateau of being. Once you go down, you will then go up. And when you are there on the top, you will know where your true friends are.

Thank you everyone who live through this together, rain or shine. And you know one day, I will rise. And I will always be there for you.

Thank you everyone who help make this happen. And let is move on our lives with love without expectation. Because, that is always a true love.


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