And You Missed Them All

At the pinnacle of life, you see everything and you know everything. All seem clear and problem disappear. But the experience is quite rare and no one could possibility be with you for real. When you need someone to talk to, suddenly you are already know that, from now on, you will possibly be on all your own.

And you missed them all.

From time to time, you will plunge into the darkness, deeper than the deepest. You would wish that only one particular soul will pull you up from the abyss. And then you loose your last grip, all in the blink. Falling and falling, you are: lost in the morning sun where the night has kissed the dawn goodbye.

You found yourself in another world. Another place to go. Another life to live. It will all be only silence and the sound of nothingness. As you and the universe collided, you will definitely live on with power. Still on the pinnacle of life. You power is endless. Your darkness is inevitable. Your dream is gone. And your life lives on. An eternity is near.

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