Let alone the aspect of reality

My last night lecture dinner by Masaru Emoto could be another of world conspiracy hoax.

The idea of water crystallization that change it shape according to the music or thought? The shape that change in response to the text surrounded it or the object in the water? That might sound crazy indeed.  More like a new cult propaganda. And you should not believe in that completely.

But the idea is what that crucial most. The theory itself can connecting dot to the other curtain theories and religious belief.  It will surely explain how our memory does work or it might explain the connection of one thought to others’ thought and how it could possibly effect one another. It could possibly explain the mystery of telepathic capacity.  Or even how every lives on earth interconnected through one solid materiality platform.

I like what my friend would use the theory to explain the idea of the monk create the merit water. Praying tone could be a certain known frequency that arrange the crystalline structure of the water in a special way that similar to those water from the natural source.  The type that have capacity to heal. Emoto’s experiments create a grounding of reference that the water change its structure from location, music and emotion. But did not yet proof the effect of that different effect to our body.

But listen to the way he presented the idea alone could be a satisfactory poetic. And the idea is still floating in the air for the further thought.  That would be more than enough in this cruel world. Let alone the aspect of reality.

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