Storing Our Future

The future will be much better if we learn how to store it well.

The most crucial culture of our technology will be depending on how good our battery is.  We find a lot of sexy ways searching for our endless energy source to give us more power.  And we also find even more sexy ways to reduce the use of our energy and cherish a more pathetic way of life in harmony with surrounded nature.  What we are missing is that there are always already a hugh gap between there two side of the coin. And it might be the most logical answer to our future of energy consumption.

We find ways to soften energy crisis at its peak load. But we has never been a consistence  consumer to the energy when it comes to electricity.  Hydro, atomic, solar or fuel: we produce a hugh amount of energy to accomplish at least 20% to its peak load in certain locations but those demand could drop over time of the day and it could be an awfully waste of production during those period of time. The productivity of all power plants to generate electricity can be adjusted to meet those variation of demand, of cause, but it has never been that dynamic.  So what we are doing with the energy to produce the electricity that has never been used? Discharge?

The crucial idea is that, instead of producing a new power plant in the remote area, we may produce a plant that store the energy instead. Let’s say, a very super hugh, efficient and eco-friendly of alternating current battery that can store all excess amount of electricity produce during the off-peak load.  The idea of battery plant can be disseminated into a critical and environmental fatigue area and supply the rural with power supply consistency and not yet necessary disturb the nature. This idea of this battery plant will also helping to store the power produced from solar and wind that definitely inconsistence in supply. Unlike hydro energy, solar and wind source of power is naturally periodical. The idea of this super battery will allow production of energy from such sources become more efficient.

We are definitely living in the world of higher power consumption and nothing we can do much about that. This idea might help to minimize that we are already wasting and tweak all our energy usage to its maximum. Also, in regarding to the concern of our ecological system, the idea of battery plant will separate the need of energy in rural area to become apart from environmental agenda. The development of the whole nation can be provided with fundamental supply and evolve together with coherence.

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