The Algorithm of Thermodynamics Universe and its FFE

The Algorithm of Thermodynamics Universe and its FFE

Most of all our fundamental belief in physics lies under the circumstance of Thermodynamics. Steaming engine,for example, laid out the opening of age of machines was based on Thermodynamics.

“Thermo-dynamics is the subject of the relation of heat to forces acting between contiguous parts of bodies, and the relation of heat to electrical agency.” 1)

Simple but fundamental, Thermodynamics is the only critical dialogue explaining relationship particles and energy before Relativity Theory applicable. It allow our understanding of transformation of energy and substance legitimate. More recent physicist theories may explain better on the behavior of things. But still all can be rooted back to Thermodynamics.

In Thermodynamics Universe, one of the most classic theorems is the Thermodynamics Equilibrium.

“Classical thermodynamics describes the thermal interaction of systems that are individually in a state of Thermodynamic Equilibrium. Thermal equilibrium is a statistical condition of macroscopic systems, while microscopically all systems undergo random fluctuations. ” 2)

Of cause, in the equilibrium state, there would be no unbalance potential in the system, hence that the system have to be radically isolated from the context. But there are nothing like such an ideology: a system that could be completely detached. Thus, the idea that portray the equilibrium as a static might not then be totally comprehended. The type of Dynamic Equilibrium then come into a prominent view.

“In thermodynamics, far-from-equilibrium is a type of dynamic equilibrium in which the state of a system is constantly changing with time due to an external energy (or matter) input.” 3)

“Life is a case of maintaining a very delicate structure—ourselves—a significant distance from equilibrium at nearly all times, and at others—in order to evolve, grow and invent—very far from equilibrium indeed.” 4)

Natural system could then be explain through a Thermodynamics as a dynamic equilibrium: A constantly changing system due to energy or matter input. There will be a state that the system that arrive to the equilibrium, receive energy and driven to the Far-From-Equilibrium (FFE) state and ,hopefully, going through the phase transition and arrive at another equilibrium. At the FFE, system naturally consume the highest amount of energy and all molecular become vivid. It is the most unstable of all state in the system. An analogy of the ball on the hill top is a good explanation. The ball is ready to roll over or roll back: stabilised but imbalance. At the state of FFE, the system is a complete chaos. But out of the chaos, the order is still intact.

Natural system, Social system and every system the is a slave to energy and the number of its member component might be structure under the rules of this Thermodynamics, Dynamic Equilibrium and FFE. And there is no such behavior in the system that it can be in a permanent imbalanced and destroyed. All system always refer itself back to its equilibrium state but that might take a wide detour through FFE and phase transition: liquid to vapour, for example. Intelligence life form always challenge and conquer evolution. So fear not the change, sociological and natural. It is only a sign of good that the system is about to change into a higher sophistication of fluidity.



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