The Notion Of Body

The whole idea of one entity is about the body.

Birth is about the creation of body and death is about its decease. Nothing is present without the notion of its body. Any negotiation of its territory will become a turmoil to mentality and emotion: from a needle that piece into the skin, a cut of a knife into the body and sex.

The whole idea about sex is based upon the notion of body. If the purpose of sex was, originally, about the extension of one’s body territory into another or accepting another’s body into your own, then sex is all about the penetration of the body. The imagination of sexuality without the notion of body will be impossible. Thus, anything that imply the penetration of body will also lead to the idea of peak orgasm of sex.

Movies also used this idea of penetration, purposely and unintentionally, as a visual mechanic to drive the excitement to its emotional peak threshold. At its climax, the scenes may related the visual to certain kind of penetration: stab through the skin, a bullet than runs into a flesh, or a missile that fly into a whole. It might be the the only visual mechanic that can drive our emotion to the final threshold of excitement. Any failure to active such diagrammatical visual may also fail the peak of this shear pleasure.

Eating is also about the notion of body. It is all about the embracement of other body’s into ones. The food is the also another entity of body. The pleasure of consuming a nice looking or tasty food will equivalent to having sex with a nice looking guy. As eating is a form of embracing another body, it is more likely to attach more to the feminine. Or a man with more of feminine side.

There are so many sport that related it’s achievement to a certain form of penetration. That might explain a more successful of football and basket ball, that related more to a man with the idea of achievement related to the ball that goes through the gate. Every time the score is made by the trespassing of the ball through the certain threshold, the shear excitement is delivered. And it is appeared that the similar excitement may related to other form of pleasure; drinking, for example, in similar way that this type of persons will enjoy it with sex.

Men who don’t enjoy football will enjoy eating. Or it is possible that they do both. Since the eating will related to the idea of seeing women having sex with him. Women who enjoy the sport will be those type that enjoy the extension of body into others. So the theory can be applied to both side of the situation.

On the other hand, the idea of loosing part of the body outside the body will produce the opposite effect of sexuality. Vomit and excrement always a sure thing to turn you off. Losing a body is always another side of emotionally sensitiveness. Surely, death is the ultimate mechanic that related to the losing of the body that always deliver the oppositional to excitement.

More to think about the notion of body. And this is just a quick beginning.

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