The Winter Breeze That Blew Over The Grass Leaves

Only a grass that can be grown in one day. A tree normally takes years.

A nice winter wind is so beautiful. It blew just right pass my shoulder and flew above the top of the grass in the lawn of my backyard. The winter breeze is the most mystique kind of wind. You can feel it in the air long before it arrives and bring fresh scent around you. You can breath it and feel love in your arm. As well as the loneliness.

The grass leaves move a little when the winter wind blew over it. I can’t say it was cherished and breath by it but it surely flickering. Like a twinkling star in the dark and deep night sky. But the grass is just a grass: small plants that was normally overlooked. Just a normal plant: a considered background. Nothing is important but a garden could be quite empty without it.

Grass can love the winter wind in a different way from larger trees. A wind that blows over the tip can be turned into a new breeze with different feeling. A scent of the winter got mixes with the scent of fresh grass. A loneliness that flies above nothingness and become one.

But grass can be grown in one day but trees do not. Trees take years to grow fully. It branches can take wind of all season from cold and lonely winter to dry summer or a stormy rain. Larger and stronger can endure everything. It will surely miss the gentle gust of wind that blew intimately above the tip of the lawn but it might not eventually care. Especially the winter breeze.

I’m still standing on the grass lawn. And I take a very deep deep breath.

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  • A lovely, poetic sentiment of pure breath…transient, ephemeral, and yet deeply rooted in time and space. In many ways the visceral thought of a true, universal architect. Thank you for sharing that.

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