A Mind Less Bound to The Parameter of Perfection.

The world is probably ok now. Lady Gaga is here.

Pop culture has long been discriminated during certain part of my life time as an uncool notion. Pop is meant to be generic appreciation, which does not suit the creative few that were trying to be indifferent.

But what is the point to be intended indifferent. Of cause, we accept the fact that the market is now becoming diverse and each individual are so demanded for diversity. The capacity to be diverse is natural and becoming a structure of something large. Only when such diversity became so indifferent but be able to built up the momentum and create a new wave of platonic change on the generic domain surface; that is when the new ‘normal’ is being born. That is the beginning of Pop.

Fashion is not something to be contradicted, but on the other hand, something to be appreciated. No one can really ‘create’ the fashion stream: only it can be created through the processing of the hive mind. Some minds work on certain interests without governing structure, dominating the change and define new background. And then, the new wave of change is ready to be born among that.

I was not into Lady Gaga in the first place. My discriminating mind keep offend me to know her in the first place because of this ugly notion on ‘Pop’. But I went through her interview on the plane documentary during my flight to Venice and found so many interesting thing in her attitude. She is not that beautiful, not that well built with signatures. But her attitude is bloody interesting. Perhaps that is why I think she is kind of sexy.

She said

she just wanted the world to know that, as soon as they thought what Lady Gaga is; well, they don’t.

Change changes itself. Governing the structure of change. Well, that was kind of cool.

So that is something I could learn from Lady Gaga. Everyone who get into Pop, they already know she has already changed its topographic terrain. For me, she is another performer with a clear attitude on the embracing of change. The interesting thing is that she has change the domain of Pop base on that attitude. And now she so embraced. That might have told us something about what kind of world we are living in today.

She encourage our mind less bound to the parameter of perfection.

Let us do what we all came here for.

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