Deliberately. Purposely.

Why people mostly lie about their happiness?

I am longer want to wake up and becoming Rem Koolhaas. I think I was, though. But now I can see through those choices. Choices that are chosen purposely and those that are inevitably. I see happiness not of those that lie before me but of those that lie behind me. What is the point of rich and famous without happiness? Pleasure is not necessary come out of an honest lie. You are faking your architecture is somewhat dishonouring yourself. And something cannot always be undone.

All of sudden, I do not care much of the world that evolving around. I can see the future coming. Nothing but a thin air. So you need your grounding, deliberately. You have to be honest with your happiness and your pleasure. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to be honest with your architecture.

Being Rem Koolhaas is somewhat the notion being here and now, being fashionable and being famous. I love this guy, to be honest. He is an architectural genius. So ingenious that others want to take correspondingly persuasive path, not for the sake of architecture but for the sake of every other things that surround it. It is now the age of celebrities architects, fame and fashionable.

Architecture is also comprehended through the media and consumed virtually. You no longer need a brick and concrete in architecture, just a mindless sexy computer generated graphic and then you will do so fine in publication. Anything will do and everything will go, as long as it publishable. Political space negotiation is inevitably unnecessary. It is only about me,me and me. But is that enough for your soul? Or this is all for just about yourSELF and not about architecture. Fame and famous, with a little bit of your money, and that’s it? Where is, indeed, your happiness.

I found my happiness lie in honesty and simplicity. In order to become a saviour of simplicity, you have to inherit a complex mind. But nonetheless any lying to your own self. I don’t think Rem Koolhass has been in any of the lying because he IS indeed Rem Koolhaas. He is a true genius to had been to hell and come back. Those who would want to be like him and took an formulated shortcuts has to be carefully consider their soul, purposely. What is your true purpose? And what is your initiative notion of happiness.

I found my happiness. And I found my architecture.

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