Last night in Berlin

“Can I take your photo?”

The guy in the mid 50’s approach me with the camera. He dress on a very fashionably European and did not seem like a gay. Obviously, he has never met me before.

I agreed for his shoot. So he made me walk around the room and shooting.

It was before the gala dinner for the closing reception for Design Hotel TM’s Future Forum. The setting was constructed in a private art gallery. So many nice modern pieces surrounded the space. The table was three long table set with a proper high stem glasses. Everyone were in their nice evening dress. Men with black ties and girls reveal themselves properly. I was in my light kaki cheap MUJI jacket with wrinkles and my pair of Kakis from Lucky Brand Jean. Inside was also a simple black MUJI tee.

“I like your style so much. It appears very Conde’ Nast.” The guy told me while keeping on shooting with his small camera. “Oh. This is a good one. Good. Good!”

It is just a simple jacket, I think. And what this all about?

“So you work for a magazine, I presume. Where do you come from then?”

The man answer the question without taking his eyes from a view finder.

“Can I have you business card? I will send you the picture.”

I gave him my card.

“Oh you came all the way from Bangkok! Great! I came from Brazil. I am the editor of Men’s Vogue in Brazil…”


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