“You may be the only person who wear this kind of glasses!”

An old south asian guy approach me after the security check point with a smile. He pull something from his jacket pocket. I can see it is the same model of Cutler and Gross with the round spectacles. Only that his has a pale opaque plastic legs that shown years of wearing use.

“Where did you get yours then?” He asked, politely.
“I got mine from Bangkok.”
“Oh. Great! I got mine from London. I never know you can find a shop in Bangkok for a piece like that!”

He smiled again. And with the blink of my eyes, he’s gone.

I think life is just like that in Frankfurt airport. No one actually come to the city: everybody in transit. They all connect from one place to hundreds others from here. And people here are kind of accept that unfortunate truth. The city that people come to pass on. The inbetweener metropolis.

Instead of trying some fancy German coffee place, I sticked with my Tall Caramel Macchiato. Confidence is always becoming crucial for a lone traveller. Few differences, though. You have to put a cup in the sleeve yourself, the lid is very tight and more satin touch. And the macchiato taste like a cafe latte.

My gate for connecting my flight never showed on the board. As far as I remember, it never had. So few first moment at the airport, I always walk blank. No destination. No purpose. Just following the swarm of travellers through immigrations and security check point. A pure nomad. At least for 5 minutes until I found the next information counter. And then my life is back on schedule. Back of the purpose and become alive again.

Soon I will finish my coffee. And here we go again.

Location:Frankfurt Airport

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