Just Another Monday. And It Is Still Sunday.

Have this kind of Monday blue coming to you regularly?

For me it started to become already a bad habit. Seeing too many people, working so hard each day and a huge piece of earth core on your back everyday. How can i survive each week? My secret is a perfect Sunday.

There will always be my perfect Sunday: a day that I isolate myself from a regular world, finding my own corner and tug in. Not pleasing anyone, not dealing with anyone. No work, nothing. Just silly things. Anything that my heart calls. I love my house and i live my house, especially on Sunday. The rest of the week i may travel the world end’s. But you will have to kill me if you want me to leave my home on Sunday.

It is the only reason why I go to trouble each days. It is what I live for every week. Not love, not money, not pride. I only do it for the Sunday.

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