Time is spherical

Now that one sounds weird, isn’t it?

Not even a scientist, I am proposing you a different theory of time.

I know this following thought might sound too complicated but it is important that I tell you about this. It is necessary as a fundamental knowledge for the rest of my thoughts. If you can go through this, it means that you shall enjoy the rest of the book easily. Otherwise you may need to change your mind about buying this book. I promise I will go rather slow and trying to keep it as simple as possible.

As we are aware of, time is more or less like a linear quality to us. We all understand the notion of time through a movement of sun across the sky, rotation of hands of a clock around its dial and a number passing by from 1 to 24. Seconds, hours, days, months and years it is all how we learn to measure time. It is always seem to be a progressive logarithm- a linear of some sort. Also the idea of Past, Present and Future even encourage the linear architecture of time even further. So how we structure the ideology of time always comes in a linear form and no one could ever possible have any doubt about that.

We used to believe, also, that the world is flat.

We even had a detail map of this flat world. Once we believe we can principally explain every natural phenomenon by this flat articulation of the world. Something that can’t be explained, then, we just forced it in. Any argument outside this articulation would be considered as a heretic. We could explain anything: sunrise, sunset, moon, stars and seasons. The earth is a centre of the universe and it is bloody flat. But there were small things that could not be explained by living with a flat world. Until there was some guy crazy enough to challenge the idea. He was even crazier to go in the boat and sailing across the globe to prove it.

We all owe it to this small unexplained nature of thing that always leads us to seek for another possibility of things we already think we understood. The world of reality is so bloody complex. Some small flaws in the logic sometimes annoy us and lead us to another discovery. I don’t bother myself into this historical research on how we did find out that the world is no longer flat. It is a long time ago and it is not my interest to go deep into it to make this book easily a little longer. I want to discuss about the time.

Déjà vu, time travel and the beginning of the universe

There have been so many strange theories trying to explain a simple situation such as déjà vu: A recognition that makes you feel you have had experienced this situation before. If time is truly a linear architecture, how can this possibly happen? Is it possible that our mind previously travel into the future that had never happened at that particular moment and come back without you remember anything about that? If the future had never happened, how could you have possibly known it before it happened?

Time travel has also been one of the most desirable dreams to humankind. Ability to travel back in time to see our love ones or to travel to see the face of the future becomes ideology in several fictions and fantasy. Several discourses and theories have been made to this notion of time travel that it already contradicts to the notion of time itself. If time itself is a linear algorithm, how could we possibly going back to something that already past or arrive to someplace that has not yet existed? When is the beginning of the whole reality and when will be the end of reality?

Now we arrive to the question of all the presence of reality itself. How everything that we so called “reality” happened? How life, tree, mountain and ocean existed? How is earth (that we do now believe it is round) created in the first place? How the universe happened?

Of cause everybody, especially a western scientist happy to believe in this illogical “Big Bang” theory. One day, out of nowhere, there was a big explosion that created everything. Stars, planets and the whole universe itself is a reason from that explosion. Several scientific experiments and mathematical calculation have been explored to prove this expanding or contracting possibility of this universe as a result from the belief of that “Big Bang”. My question is just simple: how the heck could that “Bang” happened? What existed in reality before that time of the big explosion?

We definitely could not answer the question quite clearly in our life time if we still think of the presence of things under the linear architecture of time. Universe must have a beginning only when time is valued as a past, present and future. What if there was no beginning or end, like a perfect circle on the paper? Our earth used to be flat too, remember? Our understandings of things are always limited by our own perception.

Let us have a look on one perfect ball, very spherical. If you drag your pencil on the surface of the ball, the line from the pencil appear to be a curve line on the ball’s skin. Imagine the ball is getting larger; the line will appear to be less and less a curve line and more like a straight line. So it is the possible architecture of time.

Everything happened all at once. There is no beginning or end, past or future. Everything happened at the same time like every tiny spot on the surface of the ball. But since we are so small and our perception is so limited, we can’t see the whole picture of this simple but large spherical structure. We are a soul traveler across the surface of the ball. Then, we are perceiving time as a linear articulation similar to the pencil line on the skin of the ball. We always have the possibility to draw that line in another direction to connect other spot to another spot that is not necessary become a straight line. Or it may not need to travel from point A to point B anymore. It may come from B to A or A to Z. Only if we know what is our relationship of our perception of time to the time itself. Only if we know how we can draw the line otherwise. We have no clue for that right now.

This idea allows the possible to the present of the universe seems to be explainable. Since time is spherical, everything happened all at once and there is no beginning or end. The present of things is already there, like infinite number of point on the surface of the large ball. Time is a structure to all reality. So reality also created on the spherical platform. Universe, then, also become spherical.

Now time travel seem to all make sense since every moment in time is actually happen all at once. It is our own perception that limited to this notion of time as a progressive linear structure. Our eyes and ears also very limited to response to a certain range of light and sound. If our perception is enriched by a mere sophistication method or technique, then we may have a chance to perceive time differently. We may have a chance to draw the line in any way we want. Only then that past, present or future become irrelevant.

If the architecture of time in spherical form already seemed to be complicated to you already, try to imagine the more complex architecture of reality. As a spherical platform of time becomes a principle structure to reality, the reality exists in the endless layers inside and outside that spherical structure, similar to a multiple layers of the skin to a ball. Now these are not just a “parallel universe” but infinite layers of universe under the spherical platform. Time of each layer can be different. One day on a certain layer can end up years on the other layer. There is also a chance to move from one layer to the other. And everyone is already quite understood the concept of the layer transit already. Several religions and philosophy have their own way of describing this, in so many structures and forms. But it always have a certain notion that we most likely to understand. Heaven and hell.

So it all comes to a stage conclusion of my kind of reality. Reality is a multiple layers build on one other on the spherical architecture of the ball of time. Universe has no beginning or end but everything is all happening at once. There is no Big Bang and no singular event that created everything but reality is a complex system that has always already be there with out notion of past, present and future as we normally perceive by our limited perception. Time travel is possible and heaven and hell exist in a form of parallel universe.

Now you can see I can provide the answer to most of the impossible question in the world by only changing the way I believe about “time” alone. And you can also imagine how bored I would become since I already know the answer to everything. And this is only just the beginning.

First published on THINKCRANK.wordpress.com on 22/02/2009 / 15:09


  • Interesting. I’ve been thinking along the same lines with a slightly different twist. I propose that we slice through time’s spherical shape the way a 2D plane slices through a 3D sphere. The location of the slice determines the characteristics and events of time for those experiencing it as they travel along the “surface” of the sphere along a confined slice. Maybe the secret to time travel would be to find a way to go from point A to point B THROUGH the sphere instead of along its surface. The layers that you’re talking about are interesting. Perhaps there is a reverse side to each layer as well, a kind of inverse for each level of the sphere.

    Thank you for writing this, it’s comforting when others have the same idea.

  • Excellent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too excellent.
    I actually like what you have acquired here, really
    like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read
    far more from you. This is really a great site.

  • It’s so weird,, I just woke from a dream a few minutes ago & had this realization about time & thought “time is like a sphere” & googled it & found this article! 🙂

  • Thing that we know is that universe is expanding. I thought why do we think that is all simplified, if we see the nature from micro (atom) to universe and galaxy its all rounded, it doesn’t have to be in perfect shape but it has to be in balance. If we see our timeline, it’s a slice of a plane-space continuum that expands in one direction our linear and if you think that light bends in light speed, we are still the part of the explosion of one singular star that is traveling and while creating time-space continuum as we call lives, time…


  • Yes. Like other readers, I was pondering the sphericality of the perceived structure of space. Set against the unimaginable trillions of “linear” years what I imagine is the 3D pulse where matter loses its expansionary momentum, begins to reverse its path physically and collapses back into itself as ultimately The black hole. I presume that, then, it reaches some form of critical state there comes “the Big Bang” and the circle of time starts again.
    But is it truly circular or is it like a tightly wound coil spring where each cycle is similar to but not exactly the same as the one preceding it?
    Inevitably, it cannot return to its precise detail if, whenever, it reaches stasis before recommencing the cycle.

  • Hell ya I’ve been knowing and mentioning that shit for ages but have never had someone ask me what I meant. So I’ve never thought about how to explain my knolage or opinions, what say you. I’ve also for feelings I’m mental isolation i guess,never thought to see if I was alone in regards to that particular key bit of information. However I’ve been feeling that due to frecuncy would it be more blob like. I’m seeing something like drop of water falling in slow motion… Thought on that… With everything already have happeneding of course

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