The Reason Worth Persistence

A girl walked to me last night in the reception party.

She said she owes me a personal thanks to Costa Lanta, the resort project I designed in Krabi. She made compliments to the design we did, humble architecture on the natural beach front: blah blah blah. And the she told me the story.

Few years ago, she almost broke up with her boy friend. They lived the city lives and becoming more and more separated from each other by the complexity of urban living. The guy almost give up and go back to his country.

Then, She found the resort on one of the magazine. It’s architecture was so inspired to her. She got the idea and decided to give both of them a last chance: the real last straw of their relationship. Two of them stay at the resort for a week. She said the design was so tranquil that they can heard each other thought without speaking. And that was when two of them met each other again after a long relationship.

And they are back together again ever since.

I think that is why my persistence of being an architect was worth fighting for.

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