Another post from another man

Sitting at my desk in the office again. Morning is really my time. Did I tell you that I normally come to work something like 7:30 everyday? Well, today I’m late about 8:00 because of the poor traffic. But I’m still the first one in the office anyway.

Theoretically, I should not feel lonely, isn’t it? Children, work and work, that should bar me from anything close to loneliness. But, now, sitting alone in the office with quietness, the feeling just run through my vain. Like sharp icy blade cutting through my flesh. A soul without a heart is a total disaster, I think. And a brain without a soul is absolutely dangerous.

Damn. I think this is all nonsense. But we have to be nonsense from time to time.

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  • A soul without a heart is a total disaster, I think <<< I think so 🙂 woo hoo but dont be sad! u always have me, I'm your zombie sister 555 my big bro!! hug hug ^^

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