Late Afternoon in Bangkok

Late Afternoon in Bangkok.

Hot as usual. I was in the children pool with my children this morning until early afternoon. You know, the kind you have to pump the air the air and inflating. It is quite a large one, though. It took me almost an hour to pump it up and fill in the water. Must have empty my house reservoir by doing that.

For a moment, I was floating in the water with my eyes looking up to the sky. The pool was put up under the big tree so we were under the shade of green. It was a pleasant moment for me. Such a pleasure. Almost like heaven. I closed my eyes at one point and feel the warm light of the sun pass through my eye lids. In a flash of a second, I felt I was floating in the sky among angles.

I am now listening music from my iPhone, connected to my tube amplifier system. It surely brought some further depth of sound out of the tiny digital machine. Of cause, all the song I am playing now came from a favorite list from a friend of mine. I can feel her near by doing that. Call me crazy and I admit that I do.

The sun is going down now in Bangkok. Orange shade of light casting now on my house bare concrete wall. Sad when I saw that, especially on Sunday evening. When you miss someone, this is the worst moment ever to be alone.

But again, darkness arrive everyday. Follow by the dawn.

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