A Week in A Year

If I estimated, of all one year round, I would spend a whole week waiting for a plane at the airport.

In fact, I think the whole life is one hell of a long waiting.

I think I have a good waiting theory: a distance between two things, somewhere in the middle, and a void. A waiting is a certain moment that leaves you with a gap with no plan.

Sometimes we find certain rational things to fill up this void. Sleep, read or whatever. As an architect, we pay attention to the void as much as the solid part of a building. A void should be structured to provide a good solid proportion. As a rational follows, the organising of the waiting is, thus, significant. This will give more efficiency to the rest of your precious time of your life. Those who can best organise thier waiting should also organise thier life quite well.

Or you can just come up with theoretical bullshit just like what I’m doing now.

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