Sophisticated Naive

Ok. I’m back in Luang Prabang again. Hot weather this time.

The city became different with this warm weather, I think. Different kind of charm, I think.  Like a hot summer days in the middle of a dream.  Still lost, still found. And with more bugs flying around my shoulder.

I normally opposing to the idea of naive, innocent and anything related to the notion.  I should have an issue with this then, but, strangely, I didn’t. It is a different kind of naive, I think.  I must have been here like hundred of times and feel more and more about some hidden wit in the city. They are sincere, of cause, but with sophistication. Perhaps it was the palace and the city of the king at one time so their people have certain kind of integrity.  It makes their innocent became complex.

And I am on my way back to get off the city one more time.

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