Sometime It Does

My staff always complain that my architecture is kind of boring.

I think sometimes it does, indeed.

I once talked to my Spanish architect friend who produced so complex architecture with nice smooth topographic surface architecture.  A cloud like volume metric building with dozen of super cool and sexy diagram.  I told him that I wish I can do something like that. He told me you don’t have to.  If he could do architecture the way I do, he would not need to go through these messes.

I don’t tell my poetry in a common language.  It is definitely not a pop culture.  Nor that I think it could become more value than others, though.   But I have to fall it love with my architecture or there would be none of my architecture.  Love is specific. Passion is uniqueness. Architecture is for a soul and not only to the eyes.  I can always feel my architecture during the design process.  Through computer rendering and hundred of sketches, I am seeing life form.  A form that must contain lives and sustains.   Similar to all living organism, it must appear simple but ideologically complex.  It must appear symmetrical but in fact asymmetrical.   It has to create its own coherence to its context; physically, conceptually, functionally and visually.  My architecture should be overwhelmingly recognised of its present but also suddenly disappear.

So you must enjoy my architecture as it is.  No deep theoretical approach accompanying.  No colourful diagrams. No graph. Nothing. It is because I believe architecture should be judged and criticised as it is.   Picture or real, it should perform well enough to explain itself to common people.  Good literature or music does need deep theoretical introduction.  You just simply enjoy it or leave it.

Actually, this writing has already become a little bit too much theoretical.

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